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CHIEFS NFL FLAG - Frequently Asked Questions

We know the world of flag football can be a confusing one. We have put together a list of commonly asked questions that we hope you find helpful as you continue your journey with us this season. 

Q: Who Can Play?

A: Most Chiefs NFL Flag locations are open to Boys and Girls, 4 years of age to 14. Some of our locations allow for as young as 3 years old and as old as 18!  Participants from any city can register for any of our programs.  

Q: How are Individual Players Placed on Teams?
A: This is a league designed to keep schoolmates and friends playing together.  Therefore, individuals are placed on teams determined by school, a buddy request, grade and age factors.  Our goal is for each elementary and middle school to have their own flag football teams. Teams are formed using a combination of the following criteria (listed in no specific order):
-School affiliation
-Current Grade/Age
-A Buddy Request (We try to accommodate requests however, refunds are not provided due to an unfulfilled request)
-Coach Request

Most teams will have 8-10 players.  If there are more than 12 players registered in the same grade/age division at the same school, those players will be divided into multiple "School" teams and then the remaining spots could be filled with players from other schools.  

Q: What are the Age Divisions and Age cutoffs? 
A: January 1st is the age cutoff.

Q: What is Lombardi, Shula and Madden Division mean?
A: For example using the Age Cutoff of January 1 2024 the following would be the division breakdowns. 
LOMBARDI - Birthyear 2017 or younger 
SHULA - Birthyear 2015 or younger 
MADDEN - Birthyear 2007 or younger

Q: If my child and his/her classmates do not have enough players to form a team? 
 No worries! We will always try to keep classmates together but if needed we will combine players from other schools to form your team for the season.     

Q: I didn't place buddy/coach request, is it too late to update this information?
No! you may log into your account and edit your submissions at any time before final registrations are sent. 

Q: Can I update my registration information once I submit my registration form?
A: Yes! your form is editable, and information can be updated on your account to reflect correctly by logging back into your account and making the necessary corrections.

Common corrections include but are not limited to:
-Misspelling of player/coach name, school, or request name
-Typo on email or phone number
-Buddy or coach request left out

Q: How are the divisions determined?
All divisions are determined by final registration numbers. Divisions will be paired with another age group either above or below your players age group, if not enough players in the age division to support individual divisions.  

Q: How many teams can one school have?
A: It depends.  We will not turn any players away.  As many teams that can be formed from each school by grade/age division will be accepted. Everyone who wants to play is welcome.  

Q: How many players are on a team?
A: Most teams have approximately 10 players.  However, we do reserve the right to stretch these guidelines if the league deems necessary.  

Q: Does the league supply uniforms?
A: Every Flag Football player in our program receives a Chiefs NFL Flag reversible team jersey, GEHA breathe through mouthpiece, and a flag belt to keep with your registration.  

Q: Who are the coaches?
A: Parent volunteers. Chiefs NFL Flag does not provide coaches. Once teams are assembled, parents will be recruited to coach their team.  No experience is necessary! We provide all coaches with MOJO, a world-class team management app to help coaches plan fun, effective, expert-backed NFL Flag practices in seconds! MOJO makes it easier than ever for Parents that are interested in coaching, but don't have any experience. Here is a link for information to register. 

Q: I'm interested in becoming a coach, how do I sign up?
A: Here is a link for more information. 

Q: Who are the Officials and are they Qualified?
A:All of our referees undergo NFL Flag officials training followed by Chiefs Flag on-field training. Each week, there will be continued education follow up meetings to review the games from the previous weekend to ensure consistency across all leagues. We know the importance of a good referee, and place a large amount of attention and resources to ensure a good experience for all! Interested in becoming an official? Check out this link .

Q: How much playing time can my child expect?
A: All of our programs promote participation, fun, and fundamentals. Coaches are required to fairly allocate playing time equally among all players on the team. We will do our best to assure all players receive equal playing time.

Q: When will the rosters be released?
We send out a first draft roster 1-2  weeks before the season start date (meet & greet) with the expectation of receiving feedback and making corrections. We send final rosters once that is complete.  

Q: When will the schedule be released?
A: We send out the schedules once final rosters have been sent out, and update schedules onto the mojo app for convenience. 

Q: What do I get for my Registration Fee?
A: A 6 week season with 7 practices, 6 games, and a tournament in week 6. We make use of well groomed fields, with either synthetic turf, or grass fields outlined with our "port-a-fields" or painted lines. Players receive NFL FLAG reversible team jersey, GEHA breathe through mouthpiece,  flag belt and flags, and 6 weeks of play! Parents - We got your back too! We know that time is the most valuable asset, and we value your time above all. That is why we are proud to offer you MOJO, a world-class team management app to connect parents and coaches together to  quip coaches with world class resources.  We have back-end support to onboard and ensure everyone is using MOJO's full capabilities! We also keep information up to date on our site including scores, standings, and team ranking to ensure a FUN experience for you and your child!

Q:What's new this season?
A:  We value your feedback and strive to improve each season! Some highlights include:
 +NEW Jersey Design!
+Upgraded Chiefs performance jerseys!
+NEW GEHA Airflow mouthguards!
+NEW Championship RING design!
+Added MOJO enhancements:
Back-end support to onboard parents to maximize everything MOJO has to offer! 
Staff appointed roster and schedule sync with MOJO
Push notification capabilities for league updates.
MOJO Electronic Player Cards!

Q: Are there playoffs?
A:  The top 4 teams in each division will participate in playoffs the last week of the season.  The top 2 teams will then play an additional game the same day for the Championship. We are also implementing bracket play for teams ranked 5 and above, with awards in place for the winners as well, ensuring a great all-around experience!

Q: What types of awards are given?
A: 1st place only receives Championship ring!

Q: Do all flag football players need mouth pieces?
A: It is absolutely mandatory that all players are wearing a mouth piece before stepping on the field. 

Q:What type of shoes are needed?
A: We highly recommend wearing cleats if possible or sneakers if not. Any type of cleat will work, the only exception not allowed is cleats with METAL spikes (baseball). 

Q: How do I register?
A: All of our registrations are taken online. Here is a link for more information. 

Additional Questions?

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