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Positive & Enthusiastic volunteers needed to coach with Chiefs Flag Football.  

Coaching a youth sports team can be a tremendously rewarding experience, giving you the opportunity to help young players learn the game of football in a fun and safe atmosphere. Additionally the bond created by a parent coaching their child is one that will be cherished and remembered for years to come. 

No prior coaching experience necessary - as a Chiefs Flag Football Coach, you will be given all the resources and support you need to help you succeed. Check out our MOJO app outlined below - the best resource to offer new or existing coaches!

Chiefs Flag Football - Coach Description

  • Coach your child's team of boys and girls, ages 4-18
  • Coach games and practices 1 day per week
  • Teach players the fundamentals of the game
  • Emphasis on sportsmanship, fair play, and full participation
  • Provide a safe and fun environment for the players
  • Learn and follow all league rules, policies, and procedures
  • Give each player equal playing time
  • Puts the feelings of the players ahead of the coach’s desire to win
  • Communicate with parents as needed


  • Successfully pass a background check
  • Be enthusiastic, organized and dependable
  • Makes ensuring a positive experience for players a priority over winning
  • Be patient, especially with the players
  • Have a working knowledge of the sport

How to Volunteer

During your child's registration you will be asked if you would like to volunteer as a head or assistant coach. At that time if you select you do want to be a coach you will be asked for more information including some personal info that will enable us to complete a background check. Once the background check is passed you will be eligible to coach and will be contacted prior to the season beginning to confirm your spot and provide you with details on the upcoming coaches meeting. Information for background checks can be found on this site, below. 

If you have already registered your child, or need to simply register as a coach - please select location above in the team personnel listing. You will be prompted to sign in if you are not already. From there, fill out the information and you are done! To expedite the placing on a roster, please send a quick email containing the players name and location you are looking to volunteer to coach.

Coaching Tips 


The players and their parents have placed you in a position of leadership, and you have a responsibility to give them your best effort. Additionally, this football experience will play a significant factor in determining whether the players continue participating in football. If you follow the coaching guidelines and general principles below, you should have a great season!

Whether you are an experienced coach or a novice taking the reins of your first team, your main goal should be to create a fun and safe learning environment for your players. Many of the skills your players will practice and play with are just like those of their NFL heroes. Feel free to emphasize this connection to the real-life game! 

Remember, FOOTBALL IS AN INSTITUTION FOR LIFE! The lessons we teach our children are paramount to their development, and how they approach the challenges of life. It is our belief, one of the best things we can do for our children, is create adversity and teach lessons to overcome. What better way than football? WIN OR LEARN. 
Tackle Tackling Early 
Don't let your practices dissolve into a giant pile of rambunctious kids. For both their safety and your sanity, make sure to discourage any tackling or roughness early on. Remind them that they won't help their team in a game by tackling or being rough. 
Sportsmanship Rules! 
Help your players be good sports. After a game, shake hands or high-five the other team. Applaud good play by both sides. Treat officials with respect. While imitating you, your team won't even recognize the good lesson they’re learning. 
Let Them Play Football! 
The temptation to be another Don Shula or Bill Walsh will have to wait. This is NFL FLAG. While teaching football skills and strategies is important, keep your lessons as simple as possible. As your team grasps the basics, move on to more advanced ideas. Overloading young players with too much information too early can cause confusion for them and headaches for you. 
Have Fun! 
We thank you for your volunteer service. NFL FLAG couldn't happen without you. Have a blast with these kids. This season may become a lifetime memory for both you and all your team. Have fun!  


A coach should be enthusiastic without being intimidating. They should be sensitive to the children's feelings and genuinely enjoy spending time with them. A coach should be dedicated to serving children and understand that football provides physical and emotional growth for its participants. Remember, NFL FLAG is for the children. 

1. A coach needs to realize that they are a teacher, not a drill sergeant. They should help children learn and work to improve their skills. Personal gains are never a consideration. The job does not depend on winning. The best interest of the child transforms into the best interests of the game. 
2. The safety and welfare of the children never can be compromised. A coach will consider these factors above all others. 
3. Be patient. Don't push children beyond limits in regards to practice. Children have many daily pressures – the football experience should not be one of them. Playing football should be fun. 
4. Care more about the players as people than as athletes. The youth football program is a means to an end, not an end in itself. 
5. A coach should encourage players to dream and set lofty goals. It is important to remain positive and refrain from discouraging remarks. Negative comments are remembered far more often than positive affirmations. 
6. Remember that the rules of the game are designed to protect the participants, as well as to set a standard for competition. 
7. Never circumvent or take advantage of the rules by teaching deliberate misconduct. A coach who puts his or her opponents' team at risk should not be involved with children. 
8. Be the first person to demonstrate good sportsmanship. Take a low profile during the game and allow the kids to be the center of attention. 
9. Parents and players place a lot of trust and confidence in the coach. The coach has an important role in molding the athletic experience of the child. 
10. A coach can measure success by the respect he gets from his or her players, regardless of victories or defeats. Children who mature socially and physically while participating in sports are the best indication of good coaching. 


We are excited to share an incredible resource that we think will really help you this upcoming Spring '22 season. 

MOJO is a one-stop coach-in-a-box app that takes aggravation, stress, and chaos out of coaching. The app sets coaches up for success by providing hundreds of activities designed by NFL FLAG and child development experts, with videos produced by Emmy Award-winning teams. And it automatically builds each team’s practice at the tap of a screen — customized to age, skill level and more. 

We want all our coaches to download the MOJO app for free. Once you create a profile, you can use MOJO's coaching tools for free, which includes an extensive library of practice activities and plans (if you would like, you can also choose to purchase a MOJO+ subscription to unlock at-home training).

Download MOJO for FREE

We believe this will be a game-changer for our coaches and players. I am personally very excited about the opportunity to use MOJO — it is a fantastic resource for our families.

Check out these additional resources MOJO has to offer: 

As well as these helpful MOJO articles from for parents:

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